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One app for all your fitness needs.

Instant access to my unique workouts and fitness blueprint.

Personalised nutrition plans, recipes and shopping list.

Exclusive access to the TAS FIT trainers.

Free TAS FIT member app with all your workouts, meal plans and personalised dashboard.

Train the Anoop way

I have been training for years and am sharing my blueprint with you to achieve your fitness goals.

Workouts for all levels

Hundreds of workouts, covering all levels and experience. NEW fresh, exciting exercises added throughout your fitness journey.

Train on demand

Workouts designed for home or the gym, for men and women. Train where and when you want using the app or on your laptop!

Personalised nutrition plans

Instant access to regular, eggetarian, or veggie meal plans, with recipes and personalised shopping list.



Just planning to start woking out and taking care of yourself? You are at the right place. 

This 12-week program will help you with the basics of fitness. You can workout at home or at the gym with videos that will guide you on every step. Simple meals and recipes will make sure you stick to the plan and get the gains you deserve.

Home & gym versions



So fitness is your regular thing but want to take it up a notch? 
Let’s do it!

With this 12-week program your current needs and future goals are considered and personalised plans are designed to carve out those muscles and get the fat burning.

Home & gym versions



You are in this game from a long time and now its time to own this game!

Advanced workout, advanced diet, advanced results from my 12-week program! Plans made to get those muscles screaming.

Home & gym versions

Progam preview

Incline Dumbbell Press

Walking Lunges

Star Crunches


Grilled Egg Cheese Sandwich

Egg Bhurji

Quick Eggs

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